Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 15 Months

Hello, there! Ada and I are back for another Munchkin Meals hosted by Brittany at a Healthy Slice of Life. The deets on our family:  Ada is now 15 months old, she breastfeeds about 4 times each day, we’re a vegetarian family, and we’ve taken a baby led weaning approach to solid food.

Before I get into what Ada ate for the day, we need to talk about her current obsession:  GREEN SMOOTHIES.

Back when Ada was 10 months old, I shared her charming green smoothie face. Let’s just say she wasn’t a fan, but oh how the tides have turned. She starts signing “more” as soon as the blender turns on and cannot get enough.

The key for us was to start with less greens and add more to smoothies as the days go on. Ada’s accepting of most foods at this age, so I’m going to stuff her full of green smoothies until she gets to the picky stage.

Ada loves drinking them out of our cups, but we’ve started using the Sili Squeeze that we bought at a local store. It took her about a week to get the hang of it, but now she loves it (and it’s so easy to clean and load up with smoothie). She typically downs about 1 1/2 pouches full of green smoothie.

In order to branch out from my typical recipe of blueberry-banana-greens, I’ve been hanging out at Simple Green Smoothies lately for inspiration. I’d highly recommend signing up for their (free) 30-day green smoothie challenge in October. Even if you can’t make a green smoothie each day, you get weekly recipes and shopping lists in your inbox. Ada and I have loved every recipe of theirs that we’ve tried.

What Ada ate yesterday, a pretty typical day in our house (although pretty heavy on the dairy)…

Breakfast:  Yogurt and granola (mixed together 1/2 hour beforehand to soften the granola) and watermelon.

Morning Snack:  I have no idea what she ate for this. We were at our early childhood class and the moms rotate bringing a snack. This class (and Grandma’s house) have been an exercise on letting go a little bit in terms of what Ada eats.

Lunch:  Green smoothie, Annie’s cheddar snack mix (yeah, we finished a box in a day), and string cheese.

Afternoon Snack:  ? With Dad on a walk. I think a few crackers but I was so not paying attention at that point.

Dinner:  Vegetable lasagna and peas. Guys, I have never made lasagna before and it turned out great! I used this recipe, just substituted whole wheat noodles and added some onion. We rarely eat any sort of dairy with dinner, but I had an eggplant from our CSA share staring back at me from the fridge and no idea what to do with it.

Ada kind of picked through the lasagna and I think generally liked it.


Thanks for stopping by! Here are more of Ada’s Munchkin Meals:

5 thoughts on “Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 15 Months

    • Hi, Lindsay! Yeah, it took Ada about 4 times to get the hang of it. The more “liquidy” I make smoothies, the better, too. I like the pouch because it’s made of non-toxic stuff, and it doesn’t spill very much (so she can enjoy the smoothie while playing). Post if you try this pouch or another one!

  1. Thanks for sharing about the Sili squeeze – going to check that out! Starting with less greens worked for us, too. I was a little too ambitious when I first started offering green smoothies! Now, Alma almost always will drink a cupful if I make it.

    And great idea about mixing the yogurt with granola beforehand to soften!

    Ada is looking very much like a toddler these days!

    • She is totally looking like a kid! I saw on your Munchkin Meals that Alma was having a smoothie while swinging…did you put it in a sippy cup? What cup did you find to make it work? Smoothies have always been too thick for our cups.

      • Yes – it works in our playtex lil’ gripper straw cup. She’s able to drink pretty easily out of it, but maybe I just make thin smoothies?

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