Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 13 Months


Before I get into it, let me say thanks to Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for hosting another Munchkin Meals. We’ve been MIA for the past few months due to many reasons, so it’s nice to be back and stretch our Munchkin Meals legs. If you’re hanging around for the first time (thank you!) I should let you know that we are a vegetarian family who goes easy on the dairy and are still breastfeeding.

We are dealing with some epic teething in these parts. Ada has all her teeth but the four canines and two-year molars, and those canines are really showing us who’s boss. We haven’t had teething this bad since the early days.

This day certainly isn’t typical of what Ada eats because she isn’t wanting to eat very much and we are exhausted from being up all night, however I’ll do my best to capture what our 13-month-old usually has put in front of her for a meal. In reality, this is a synopsis of what I ate during the day, since I got all of her leftovers.

Breastfeeding – Ada breastfed six times today (has upped her BF’ing lately…teething, growth spurt, separation anxiety, etc.?).

8:20 am – Breakfast

This is what I put in front of Ada:  Half a Hemp Plus waffle with berry jam, some cantaloupe, and half a banana. She ate only the banana.

This is what I gave Ada for her second try at breakfast after she didn’t want to eat the first:  Grapes and some string cheese, which she really didn’t touch. (I typically don’t have the “Mama’s Buffet” mentality, but with the teething I’m just happy to get any food down her so I will keep putting things in front of her.)

10 am – Snack

Ada doesn’t watch TV, but today’s teething drama called for drastic measures. I turned on “Sesame Street” and she ate about 6 Back to Nature sunflower seed and basil crackers (hello, yum). As luck would have it, she’s not really into TV, but rather into climbing all over Mama and incessantly whining.

12:15 pm – Lunch

We needed carbs, desperately. I made Annie’s whole wheat shells and white cheddar, and I pretty much ate the entire pot. Ada had a couple of bites. I also slice up a kiwi for her, which she usually chows down quickly in a few gulps, but left virtually untouched.

6:30 pm – Dinner

Delicious vegan stuffed portobello mushrooms (which I made in button mushrooms for Ada’s birthday party and she loved), frozen peas and a pixie tangerine. Ada ate all of the peas and tangerine and picked a little bit of the mushroom’s stuffing (which is shown sliced here so it looks like a big pile of mush).

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5 thoughts on “Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 13 Months

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  2. I liked seeing your eating style too! I’m new to Munchkin Meals and I’m finding it very interesting and helpful to see what others feed their babies! I’m off to read your previous reports!

    (And if this comment comes through twice, I’m sorry. It did a weird refresh thing and lost my previous comment!)

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