Ada’s 1st Birthday

On Monday, Ada turned 1! We held a big shindig the day before her birthday, and I promise to post all the details of her birthday bash soon (waiting on some photos). In the mean time, I thought I’d write about what we did on the actual day of her birthday and what we gave her for gifts.

Tom’s parents and brother were still in town on the day of her birthday, so the day was spent playing with her Jaja and Busha (“Grandpa” and “Grandma” in Polish-American slang) and Uncle Mike. This included jumping on top of and squeezing all of the balloons left over from her party (and Mama in a constant cringe, afraid they were going to pop).

Monday afternoon, after Tom’s family took off for the airport, Ada and I headed to her early childhood class, where she got a sweet card from her teachers and played with the other babies. When we got home, we took an evening walk with Tom and Scout and stopped off at the park for some swinging and enjoying the balmy weather.

That night, we had dinner out on our balcony with a light breeze. Ada got extra kiwi and crackers since they’re her favorite.

For dessert, Ada had a salted caramel cupcake left over from her birthday. She got a single candle and we sang “Happy Birthday” to our sweet girl. The cupcake got smashed on her face and received plenty of “num-num-nums.” And one loud shriek.¬†Half of it was licked off of her fingers by Scout. Typical.

We gave Ada a few gifts for her birthday. First, Tom built a sensory table out of an old coffee table of ours. I’ll post more about the sensory table soon.

Of course, Ada got a stack of books. These included “Good Night, Good Night Construction Site,” “Runaway Bunny,” “Doggies” (“dog,” or rather “dig,” is one of her words, ala Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”), “The Good Night Book,” “Where is Baby’s Belly Button,” and sort of legacy books of “Cat in the Hat” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends” (Tom and I wrote birthday messages in those two).

Finally, we are going to start implementing some Montessori philosophies/principles around here, which I will definitely write more about in the future. Tom and I were both Montessori kids, and I just love the confidence it builds in children. To that effect, we purchased a used Learning Tower off of Craigslist. These retail around $200 — $250, but we bought ours used for $70, and it’s in pretty good shape. Even though we have a small kitchen, we think it’s important for Ada to start “helping” when we’re cooking, etc., and it’ll be easier when she’s at counter height.

I promise the deets on her party soon…the menu, decor, the smash cake, oh my!

(P.S. A happy birthday to my handsome husband Tom, who turned 29 the day after Ada turned 1. Tom and I took a couple hours away from Ada to eat some yummy Italian food and enjoy some wine. Here’s a photo of us ending the night at my parents’ house. Love you!)

6 thoughts on “Ada’s 1st Birthday

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  2. Yay – happy birthday Ada! The sensory table looks awesome!! And I’m super jealous of that learning tower you scored.

    Also – so funny that my husband’s birthday is also the day after our daughters! He turned the big 3-0, though, this year :)

  3. How could Ada possibly be upset when she just got a birthday cupcake? She was bummed that she couldn’t put out the candle on her own ala her birthday party with her pinching fingers. Fool me once…

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