Ada’s Day – 11 Months

Lot’s of radio silence around here lately. With a trip to Mexico for a friend’s wedding, contract work deadlines looming, not to mention some big events coming up (Ada’s 1st birthday, sister’s wedding, visit from in-laws), things are pretty hectic around here.

It’s hard to believe Ada is less than two weeks away from turning 1. I’ve been a ball of emotions about this and am soaking up every last minute of her infancy. Today we’re dealing with another molar coming in, so there’s lots of clinginess and sass, and I’m perfectly happy cuddling my little one and staying at home.

Tuesday we got out and about and I captured the day to show what life is like with Ada at 11 months.

5 am – Ada is still sleeping in our room at night, and we hear her stand up in her crib and cry out. She’s been sleeping through the night and this is too early for her to wake up, so I mumble something to Tom about checking her diaper. Sure enough, he comes back to bed reporting a dirty diaper. Score one for maternal instincts.

7:30 am – Ada sleeps in this morning, giving me a chance for a quick shower and a cup of coffee. Tom gets her out of her crib and I breastfeed her as we say good-bye to Tom. We spend the morning playing. Ada loves to put things in and out of any container, so we play with some fabrics, cans, and blocks.


9:30 am – We start the naptime routine with some snuggling, pacifier, and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Ada really struggled to fall asleep this morning, which meant a lot of visits from me to calm her down. After she finally falls asleep (around 10 am), I try to bust out as much work as possible from our dining table.

11 am – Ada wakes up. After a breastfeed and clothing change, we head to the car to run some errands. First stop is the tailors, and Ada receives a chocolate from the tailor (we split it…don’t mind if I do). Then, it’s off to Target. Here is a totally gratuitous complaint shot of the snow still on the ground in Minnesota. Contrary to what most people think, it’s not a frozen tundra here year round and this long-lasting winter is kicking everyone’s a**.

We wander the aisles of Target for far too long. I have lots of party gear to buy for upcoming events, and Ada loves all the bright colors (and chewing on the ribbon I give her). Still, she’s looking a little pasty and sleepy, so I try to move as quickly as possible to get home for some lunch and her afternoon nap.

We emerge from Target with way more than I planned to buy in my cart (the Target Curse) and beautiful sunshine.

1:30 pm – We arrive home and do a quick lunch. Ada gracefully drops one pea at a time on the floor for Scout.

2 pm – Ada naps again until about 3:45 pm, and I feverishly work throughout. When she wakes up, we do a quick breastfeed, then Ada is all about the TV remotes. She loves removing them from the cabinet, and here she is stacking them on top. Scout makes sure no one does anything crazy. I always love her expression when she manages to turn on the TV. (PSA: ┬áSecure your TV’s and furniture to the walls, please!).

Ada’s been spending most of her playtime standing and cruising a step or two. She also loves to dance and does this amazing hip shaker/shoulder dip move that I might have to steal next time I’m out dancing.

4:45 pm – Dad’s home! Tom arrives home and it’s always a lovefest between these three, with lots of licks from Scout and “Dada’s” from Ada. Ada can now say Scout’s name, too, although it comes out as “Dout.”

5 pm – The three of them head out on a walk while I…you got it…get more work done. Tom took some shots while they were out for their walk in the sunshine.



6 pm – They return home and Ada helps Tom make dinner while I continue working. We enjoy a quick dinner of spaghetti together before Tom takes off for our local party precinct caucus (big city council race in our district!…we’re nerds and we know it).


7:15 pm – After dinner, Ada “helps” me put away diapers and then we do a bath. It’s rare that Ada has bubbles, and she kept trying to eat them out of the tub, causing a bubble mustache. I couldn’t get enough.

photo (15)

8:15 pm – Tonight, I tried something new. Eventually we’ll have Ada move into her room to sleep at night, so I nursed her in her room before taking her into our room to sleep. She just started putting herself to sleep at night (really, it was our time away from her while we were in Mexico that allowed this to happen), so it’s started the transition to her own room. I don’t know when we’ll officially move her (I don’t feel ready yet!), but I thought we’d take it step by step. Ada fell asleep around 8:45 pm.

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