Secondhand Saturday

Although I love thrift shopping for furniture and housewares (it’s actually a sickness), I’ve never been one to thrift for clothing. Except for that one phase in high school where I sought the most ironic t-shirts possible, I’ve never had the patience to sift through a bunch of clothes, many of which haven’t been washed.

With Ada it’s a different story. The girl spit up so much until about 6 months (and still does a wee bit), and baby led weaning is a messy process. Also, I get weirded out by all the chemicals in new clothing, so I figure buying used clothes means most of that icky stuff has been washed out.

Since I was pregnant with Ada, I’ve been hitting up various secondhand sales around the Twin Cities areas. Saturday found me at a Moms of Multiples sale in St. Paul. My friend Biz and I made a friend date of it.

[Yes, I’m wearing aqua jeans, and YES they are awesome!]

I’ve been to several semi-annual sales of different Moms of Multiples clubs around the metro area (psst…love the Maple Grove sale). I know that there are multiples clubs across the country, many of which hold sales.

Obviously, the club is for moms of twins, triplets, etc. and for about the first hour or so, the sale is only open to club members (who usually get the good equipment). Then, they let us public crazy people in. I’ve always found great clothes (good basics and a Halloween costume!) for really cheap. In fact, some of my fave clothes for Ada are secondhand. We’re talking average $1.50, and the highest I’ve paid was maybe $8-ish for a costume/coats. Not too shabby!

My tips:  Get there early! As soon as the public is let in. Bring coffee (even if there’s a sign that says no food or drink…whoops), bring a bag or laundry basket to stash your goods (make sure to check the sale’s “rules”), and wear your baby if you plan on bringing him/her (seriously…looking at you, women, pushing strollers and carrying car seats). Bring cash (entry is usually a couple of dollars) and a checkbook.

photo (9)

Here’s what I purchased for $8.75. (PJ’s, top, fleece, dress, Bucky Badger shirt, booties, and tights)

photo (11)

I’ve also heard good things about Just Between Friends sales (national) and this huge sale in Lakeville put on by From Yours to Mine Kids (which I can’t go to this year due to my sister’s wedding…although I debated what was more important…just kidding, B).

Biz and I then headed over to Once Upon a Child before breakfast, as she was seeking out some specific equipment. I’ve never shopped at one of these stores before, but I was pleasantly surprised with how neatly organized everything was. This store was definitely more “expensive” ($6 – $7 for most items), so I picked out a few special clothing items for Ada for summertime.

Here’s what I purchased for $17.50. (Poncho, bubble skirt, sun dress…I think I want that skirt in adult-size.)

photo (12)

6 thoughts on “Secondhand Saturday

  1. I’ve consigned and bought at JBF – generally good experiences! I would also recommend checking out Munchkin Markets. Their spring sales are coming up – there’s one in Rochester, Mankato and at the State Fair grounds (I’ve only ever done the one in St. Paul, but it’s good to know options!)

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