Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 10 Months

Ada and I are back for another Munchkin Meals, hosted by Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life! If it’s your first time checking out what Miss Ada eats, I’ll let you know that we’ve taken a baby led weaning approach with her and that we are a vegetarian family.

This month, Ada is 10 months old. Although typically a voracious eater (who loves anything Mama and Dad are eating), this particular day she wasn’t too hungry…I think there are some bottom teeth coming in that are throwing off her appetite. In addition to solids, Ada breastfed 4 times today.

Let’s dive in to what this little one ate!

8:30 am – Breakfast

I’ve been pumping breastmilk during breakfast for our upcoming trip away from Ada, so I gave her stuff that she can handle on her own. This morning it was blueberries (cut in half), banana, Ezekiel toast with coconut oil, and her coconut probiotic yogurt with her supplements mixed in (that I fed her when I was done pumping).

Most of the toast ended up in Scout’s belly.

12:30 pm – Lunch

I was making a green smoothie for myself, and Ada typically loves when we share our green smoothies with her. I had the great idea of putting some in a sippy cup with her to start off her lunch. She takes a swig…

And then makes this face…

Upon further taste inspection by me, I realized that I watered it down too much and it wasn’t very sweet. More green smoothie for Mama, I guess.

The remainder of her lunch was roasted beets from the night before, brown rice, green beans, and broccoli. She ate barely anything, so I gave her some of her Happy Family O’s so that she would have something in her belly.

Near the end of every meal, Ada has to inspect the inside of her bib pocket to see if there are any treasures inside. Sometimes she tips her head back and slurps what’s left.

4:30 pm – Snack

During Ada’s breastfeed post-afternoon nap, she hasn’t been too interested in breastmilk lately. So, I decided to start incorporating an afternoon snack. Here she has some kiwi (which she now has a renewed love of) and rice crackers. She ate a rice cracker or two but was way more into Mama’s dancing as I cleared the dishwasher.

6:30 pm – Dinner

I was out running some errands during Ada’s dinner, so Tom made the meal and fed her. He made some Mexican chowder that is DELICIOUS (and he vacuumed, picked up my packages, hand washed dishes, and was overall the best husband of all time).

I was a little nervous for Ada to have the chowder since it uses nutritional yeast. The dish Ada had the evening before she vomited throughout the night had nutritional yeast in it, but she made it through the night like a champ.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in what else Ada’s been eating, check out these posts:

12 thoughts on “Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 10 Months

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  3. her face at that smoothie is HILARIOUS!

    Ours eat broccoli much more enthusiastically when I cook it in a little chicken or beef broth with a bit of butter. (I noticed you mentioned she didn’t eat much of that lunch).

  4. Hey, I found your blog from Munchkin Meals. Those sippy cups look great. I saw your link from the last Munchkin Meals and I think I’m going to go buy some tomorrow – I have been looking for a good one. I am also going to get some kiwi and rice cakes. All great ideas, Thanks!

    • Hi, Lindsay! Thanks for visiting. We do love the OXO cups (and know some other parents that do, too). We also love the Zoli straw cups if you’re looking for another good cup.

  5. My son eats out of his bib pocket too! Sometimes he digs with his hands and other times he tips it up and lets the food fall into his mouth! I love sharing my smoothies with Ben too, but find it hard to balance it being thin enough to get through his straw cups and thick enough to still be delicious.

    • Casey – I love the name of your blog! (“Chickpea” was our nickname for Ada while I was pregnant.) Agreed on the smoothie — I just need to find the right consistency for Ada to enjoy it. I also didn’t add berries, which I think are the best fruit for smoothies. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That is so funny that she digs around in her bib after meals! Alma hasn’t discovered that joy yet ;) You’ve reminded me to try kiwi again! A used to love them, but that fizzled out for awhile. I bet she’d be interested again.

  7. Best husband of all time here,

    It’s not too difficult to get the living room and Ada’s room vacuumed when Ada easily munches on some O’s while the Mexican chowder cools in the freezer. She ignores the vacuum noise and my movement-until the O’s are all gone. Just trying to “help out”! (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

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