Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 7 Months

Hello, friends! I’m so excited to join in on Munchkin Meals this week! Thanks to Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for creating a great resource for parents to swap ideas on what their kids are eating. I’ve found this especially helpful as we’ve treaded into baby led weaning territory.

Ada is almost 7.5 months old and we started solid foods just before she turned 6 months.

(Just a note before I dive into what Ada ate today. We are a vegetarian family who don’t eat a lot of dairy. We are raising Ada as a vegetarian and avoiding dairy and eggs with her right now. I’m also trying to avoid gluten with Ada for a while; I imagine at some point soon I will be giving her gluten, but will make sure it’s organic/non-GMO wheat.)

Ada was breastfed 4 times today:  7 am, 11:45 am, 4 pm, and we’ll do one more in a bit before bedtime.

8:30 am – Breakfast.

Coconut yogurt with berry puree and quinoa muffins. We also started giving Ada water this week in her own sippy cup and she is digging it. I’d say she’s drinking 1 – 2 oz per day. I kind of spoon-feed Ada yogurt, and she also likes to grab the spoon from me and feed herself. These muffins are high in protein, contain no refined sugar and are delicious; the recipe is from No Meat Athlete. I highly recommend these muffins for little ones…Ada loves them! I’d say she ate about 1/4 of what you see here (hard to tell when things get smashed and smeared into oblivion).


In order to make the muffins more Ada-friendly, I swapped the 1/4 c canola oil with 1/8 c coconut oil and 1/8 c applesauce. I used plain almond milk and 1 tsp vanilla in place of the vanilla soy milk.

ANNND here’s where I went wrong:  I replaced the wheat flour with coconut flour. In the past, I’ve successfully subbed quinoa flour for the whole wheat flour. The coconut flour was too crumbly, so in the future I might use only a 1/4 c and use quinoa flour for the other cup (coconut flour is high in protein and good-for-you fat, so I’d like to start incorporating into baking).

Breakfast Starts.

Breakfast Start

It gets a little messy (getting too grabby with that camera, Ada).

Breakfast Proceeds

And it ends with Scout getting in on the action.

Breakfast Ends

1 pm – Lunch.

Avocado pasta and steamed broccoli and carrots. We had some left over gluten-free pasta from dinner last night, so I whipped up some more avocado “pesto” for Ada and me using the yummy recipe from Oh She Glows (I used only 1 clove of garlic and no lemon zest for Ada’s). I cut up the spaghetti into small pieces for Ada. Love that she’s getting some healthy fat from the avocado and the immunity-boosting from the garlic.

Ada is also really into green smoothies. My awesome husband came home for lunch and made me one, and Ada started asking (moaning) for it, so I gave her some on a spoon. CUE SMOOTHIE ‘STACHE.

And, not to be left out, Scout was there to not miss a bit of food. Except that more got on his hair than in his mouth.

6:30 pm – Dinner.

Dinner was fairly uneventful. Except for that part where I burned my hands with jalapeno and spent much of the evening with my hands slathered in cream cheese (the only dairy we had in the house) and covered with Ziplocs (which fascinated Ada).

Ada ate a pretty simple dinner:  Sweet potato, steamed broccoli and carrots, and applesauce. She was more interested in the evening’s entertainment (Dad) than the food so maybe only got a few bites down.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else posted for Munchkin Meals, and we’re looking forward to participating again!

6 thoughts on “Ada’s Munchkin Meals – 7 Months

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  5. Ada seems like a great eater! Our family has a similar diet – mostly vegan, although we have started eating dairy on occasion. Alma hasn’t had dairy or eggs yet. I’m going to have to look into coconut flour!

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